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Excerpts from The Chimurenga Chronic

The Rise of a Somali Capital
By Parsalelo Kantai

Parselelo Kantai looks at the rise of Somali diaspora capital, and argues that ethnic capital mobilised at both an individual and communal level (the notional claims to ethnic blindness notwithstanding) is still the most effective route to securing economic and political legitimacy.

Read it online here.

Faustin Linyekula: Somewhere Between A Scream and A Lullaby             
By Stacy Hardy

In a city where the boundaries between life and death are laid bare, artists are birthing new spaces for dreaming ‘other ways of breathing’. Stacy Hardy reports from Kinshasa.

Read it online here.

The Bard of Bloemfontein
By Achal Prabhala

Achal Prabhala goes to the heart of the Free State literary renaissance with the “deliberately mysterious and prodigiously talented” Omoseye Bolaji.

Read it online here.

Guilt Trips                                                                                                     
By Kai Friese      

Kai Friese interrogates the colonial fantasy that lives on in the sententious philanthropy of ethical tourism.

Read it online here.

Fish Soups as Love Potions                                                                           
By Yemisi Ogbe

Yemisi Ogbe lives in Calabar in Cross River State, where the scent of fish is all-pervasive and the aphrodisiac is as much in the cooking as in the eating.

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