Whose House Is This?

Why is North Korea celebrating the African renaissance?

Why are Kenyans running to work?

How would you dress to impress god?

Do you want to die here or at home?

Everyone who can, is building a wall.

Everyone who can, is outsourcing border control.

Everything is in the name of security.

Introducing South African Guilt tax.

Are we all perpetrators of crimes committed in the past?

And do you get a rebate if you sponsored a freedom fighter’s school fees?

From xenophobia to riots and back again.

What comes after elections?

What will be previous? What was next?

Are diplomats immune from xenophobia?

From riots to ethnicity and back again.

From EU surveillance towers they all look the same, al Qaeda and boat people.

Everyone who can, is taking the plane.

The Gaddafi-EU partnership.

Oil against air radar. Gas against night vision gear.

Who do the borders belong to? And the space between?

Who benefits from the wealth of the ethno-nation?

Trickle-down effect?

The blackness of the Atlantic.

Post-diamond geography.

Platinum self-sufficiency.

Why gaze at the stars when it’s all underground?

What are the ingredients of Nigerian oil?

What’s the opposite of turning your back on Zimbabwe?

Are there no white shadows falling on Jamaica?

Why is “Sympathize with Gaza” a political slogan?

From ethnicity to religion and back again.

How to keep a city secret

Make the exceptions permanent.

Look for solutions where there are no problems.

Tricks and trades of cross-border smuggling.

Policies vs practices vs rules vs customs.

The state recognises no other.

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