NEO MUYANGA & CHIMURENGA CHRONICLE present DIPALO a mixtape for those who practice counting Composed, arranged and performed by Neo Muyanga, this audio cd supplement is part of the Chimurenga Chronicle, a speculative newspaper which is issue 16 of Chimurenga. Tracklist: a) 1+1= (a re-composition of a 5000-year-old offering to Lord Ganesha, the Hindu deity, an opener of sorts) b) 4:7 (heaven’s on the ocean is a proportional refrain on reaching nirvana, the 7th grade, via the mundane material world) c) 3sin= rθ (sino projection technology theme) d) 3(x)n (illegal border crossing and migration theme. composed for dancers) e) e=mcx \rightarrow \infty (a true story about an explosive riot day with SADF soldiers who attacked Soweto on June 16th, 1985. Composed for those who got hurt) f) ƒ:X→Y (horizon heart aflame. Composed for a lover) g) (a summing of random themes theme) h) 4x+2 (the 2 or 4 step theme) i) y~ 6/8 (a travelling theme in 6 parts over eight. Composed for puppets) j) y\ge \!\, 6/8 (a running theme in 6 parts over 8 ) k) 1/4° (a kota bread theme. Composed for skolies and thieves) l) (a perpetual circle. Composed for an apartheid-era multi-racial soccer club)

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